Sunday, May 13, 2012

The (abrupt-ish) end of this blog

I suppose all blogs feel like they end abruptly when their time comes. I won't be blogging anymore. I enjoyed writing each and every post here at 1pp7b and wish i could have written more of them and expanded on my blog topics. But i can't do everything..and rather than write sporadically I would rather not keep a blog. Rest assured I will continue to express myself by other means, prepare delicious food, and stay in contact, just not by blogging, tumbling, or tweeting. Many thanks to everyone who followed my posts over the last year, I really appreciate you! xoxo katy

Monday, May 7, 2012

Beans, beans, the wonderful froot

       Oh my g00dness.  Beans.  Deelishous beans.  My bean kingdom was just massively expanded, so I'd call my self a legumatic at the moment--craaaazy about beans, but not just any beans.  My parents heard about this awesome grower of heirloom beans, perhaps on the "Splendid Table"? and they loooved the first ones they got and subsequently they sent me 3 varieties, sweet thayngs! First ones I tried (easy soak, boil, simmer,eat process :D) were the Good Mother Stallards.  Sure the texture was just like other beans, but the flavor was just insane, totally made me question if kidney or black beans taste like anything at all!  I cooked the whole pound! And ate them every day for like 12 days.  Next up:  I'm soakin the Rio Zapes (chocolate-coffee toned pinto!) or Borlottis (velvety, good w/ pasta, a member of the cranberry bean family!) --or better yet, a 1/2 lb. of each!

 Here is a complete lineup of all of Rancho Gordo's bean offerings.

Good Mother Stallards "exude the most perfect pot liquor"

Not only do they taste out of this world, but they just look like gems!!