Thursday, April 28, 2011

pretty awful morning

    Good thing I had a happy outlook on life and a calming run around the loop this morning to prepare me for what happened when I left for class at 7:15.  My roommates' cars and mine are packed into our little backyard and I knicked my roommates car as I backed out.  I checked it out, thought, "Hmm, I will probably have to tell her about that..yea.." Called Dad, he was calm of course.  I called my roommate next,, 5 mins after it had happened.  She flipped out, as I thought she would, but I was just glad she couldn't chew me out in person as I called her from the road.  Later, she called that rude, but then also proceeded throughout the morning to tell me she might file a police report and get me charged with Hit & Run.  My dad thought this was ridiculous, as we had told her we would pay for the damage (a dint, scratches).  Everything got handled, but man, I hate to mess with the Dramatic Roommate Storm. 
      But there are many many illustrious silver linings to this unfortunate situation.  For starters, I was reminded of my thankfulness to have a person, my dad, who is my refuge and my strength when the world is totally and completely overwhelming for me.  He comforts me and slays the dragons at the same time, don't know how.  Tears are steadily streaming down my face as I sit in the starbucks right now because I'm so grateful to have him.  He sets a great example for me, and that makes me happiest of all, to think that I will be able to be like him when I am a grown up.  More tears.
    Of course, I am well aware that I am a deeply sensitive person and I will be highly prone to crying for like a week at least.  Oh man, hope Stephen is ready for me to cry during the honeybee documentary tonight.  I'm sure he is.
     My friend Charlie helped me out by listening to me as I cried/talked about the hit&run idea that had been introduced, and how I thought cosmetics and cars were anyway. as I walked to my 3rd class.  I am proud of myself for attending all my classes despite my nagging wallowing-want to shut down now-thoughts.  In actuality, I actively participated in all of them!  I asked questions in oceanography, was involved in the physics demonstration of the day, and raised my hand to answer two questions I knew in natural resource management.
     I am a tad upset it didn't even thunderstorm during my school day..that's why I was driving and not bicycling to school in the first place..but that is wasted energy for sure.  My dad told me, "Go see if there is still an ocean at the end of charlotte street (where the house I rent is).  Sooooooo sweet.  Oh gahd, more tears.  Salt water heals all.

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