Saturday, April 30, 2011

Listening and being listened to

    Sharing the "highlights" from my unfortunate thursday morning experience with Julie, whom I babysit for, was totally enlightening.  She laughed, said, Oh That's Nothin and told me that she totaled her roommates brand new bmw when she was in college.  Julie made me feel a lot lighter about the whole ordeal, and talked to me at length, giving me real whole-scope Perspective on the sitch before giving me a hug and sending me on my way.
     I went out to the beach there on the south end, and relaxed for a spell, drinking a can of my fav Blue Sky root beer.  Then I bicycled over to meet Vanessa at her house.  Best thing ever!  We had a serious amount of catching up to do.  What does catching up mean anyways?  For us, its inquiring about how specific things in each others lives, listening, responding, in an exchange that is, at best, The Most Wonderful Time ever.
When I'm with Vans, my whole self just relaxes..much more than when I'm by myself or out in the world.  We complement and compliment each other.  And contemplate the world around us.  I did some work on my paper and we watched a great episode of Glee (Born this way) and shrieked with pleasure over the original Gaga video of the same name.
    Now I'm at Cafe del Mar, dogs and bare feet welcome.  I'm here very possibly for the last Saturday a.m. ever! Crazy! Vanessa noted that I'm already in the Final goodbye stages of things as I related that I may have walked down Chancellors Walk for the last time already.  When I expressed trepidation about leaving friends, specifically Vans, Vans assured me that We have our whole rest of our lives to experience with each other!  Shes so right, whether thats a phone conversation or a skype or a visit or a seasonal vacay or 10 year stay at an ashram, we're so good together like hot water and tea leaves..both dependent on each other to make a drink steeped with wisdom.  Yes, I admit I love metaphor and employ it alllll the time to describe the world around me.  I became more cognisant of that after I leafed through I is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor at my local barnes&noble.


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