Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A difficult yoga practice followed by lemon love

       Ohmygah, so fitting that after I mentioned to not worry about feeling squished on the 7 billion person planet (space is not going to be so much of an issue; resources on the other hand...) Yoga Beatz, the yoga flows to music w/ words, class that I like at the Rec tonight was too popular!  Whenever a yoga practice is crowded, I remind myself that it will just feel extra-Indian today.  But it was more difficult tonight for me to not be bothered by swan diving arm collisions, for whatever reason.  I admittedly was not feeling enough compassion for the boy who came in late and rolled out a mat next to me.  I can see should have felt chosen, as a kind looking person, rather than singled out among to be squished out of the 50 other kids in the room.  The one bright spot is that I didn't outwardly express any space discomfort with body language, and kept it to myself (along with my limbs, after one too many swan dives).
When I practice yoga in my apt., I often utilize this super cool cartoon flipbook.  Thanks Aunt Terry!

         After a catching the new Modern Family (guest character named Katy on tonight's episode!) on an elliptical, I hit the shower and biked home.  I always have a snack before leaving, and this week I've been enjoying Lemon LovU bars. What?  You don't know those?  They're like these...
Mmmm Luna bars in my fav flava
              Except homemade!  I made the bar with brown rice krispie cereal, hemp protein powder, lemon juice, fresh ginger, brown rice syrup, and guar gum and frosted them with a lemon juice-coconut butter icing.
Whole pan of awesomeness, cut into bars and wrapped in foil.

Like Luna Bars, LovU Bars have the idiosyncrasy of being eaten icing side-down.
I do love a beet.  And Mom, of course. 


  1. I too don't feel much 'love' for those who show up late for yoga and expect to get fitted in . . . especially so when they end up next to me. I like it when the instructor enforces a class start time by closing door and putting a "class full" sign on the door.

    Because I usually get to my classes early I've figured out a little tactic that's helpful in these densely packed situations. I set up my mat next to a wall but leave some extra space between me and wall. This way as the room begins to get really full I wait as long as possible and people are pretty well set up around me before sliding over toward the wall. Then both I and the person to my side will have enough room to avoid the swan dive hand crashes.

    PS - I enjoy your blog!

  2. Oh thank you ross and excellent mat placement tip! A good yoga class is just so precious and we just want each one to have its full potential for awesomeness.