Friday, November 4, 2011


Bored of the same old-same old, last friday I shook things up. I dropped my school stuff off at home, along with my inhibitions, and caught a bus back to the campus side of town. Fellow yogis are probs familiar with the mental construct of leaving all your thoughts in something like a basket, outside the door, where you can pick it up after class if you like. Riding along without all my school stuff, and all my school thoughts, I felt liberated, just as I knew thought I would.

I wanted to eat at Freebirds for dinner.

I ordered a Monster-sized veg burrito.

(Its literally called the Monster size, the 3rd biggest, between Freebird and SuperMonster)

And it was awesome.

Next I went to the really lovely starbucks just a couple blocks down. This downtown College Station district called Northgate is pretty cool, kinda historic looking, and quasi-Western, as some buildings are old Saloons.

The barista was super cute! I had kinda approached the counter so his coworker cut off mid-conversation, and I was like, Oh no, I dont know what I want yet. But he was like, Oh no, thats my job, I can suggest the best the Chidazzle. I was is that new? haha Turns out he made it up and I totallly loved it, it was A hot Chai with raspberry and a touch of vanilla. Totally rocked! Mostly because it was not on the menu and because Bo (the baristas name) was just genuinely really nice. We exchanged numbers when he kicked me and my iPad (i watched a movie on netflix) out at 11pm.

And I'm doing the same free-as-a-birding tonight! Except I am starting off at starbucks tonight, with a hot mug of coffee. The chill of autumn is finally extending to Texas. I feel cozy though, wearing my blue and oatmeal cardigans and my favorite tawny umber-coloured scarf from Avoca, which aunt terry and uncle nat brought me. Ya, I came directly from yoga class tonight, but having my school stuff with me is just fine, better than fine actually; I kinda want to read some of the journal articles that I have with me. Its all about the state of mind. I feel like I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing in this moment.

Tonight in yoga, when I heard, "take a few minutes to center yourself," instead of centering on the moment (by sliding my basket of thoughts outside) I observed that my mind began opening my basket instead, trying to sit each thought right-side up, if you will. But I caught myself, I just slid out of my ego for class, which is sooo refreshing.

Know what else directs my attention outta my cranium? FRIENDS. (yes, the tv show, too, 10pm central time nickelodeon :p) I have been making new acquaintances like crazy lately, which I'm really happy about, but I'm hoping to catch up with my the friends I think about all the time in NC this weekend..I've already left about 10 voicemails for friends whose voices I cant wait to hear.


  1. Katy oh Katy,
    I googled you in an effort to find you..and found your blog! Beautiful : ) I miss you and hope Texas is the bestest! Will you be home for the Holly Daze? If so holla at me, I am moving to Asheville (possibly to a treehouse) in a couple weeks! Yippee!
    Much to share and I can't wait to share it!
    Love and light,
    Emily Gamble
    P.S. Check out vegpicureanventures.blogspot

  2. Hi Katie,
    I just saw this on Yahoo! and thought of you, naturally ...
    I'm sure your work was way ahead of them, though, and you already knew all that!

    Hope all is well in Texas!
    "Mr Bob" ... your cul-de-sac neighbor!

  3. I'm missing your blog postings.