Friday, January 20, 2012


I decided to take after my father and take up the art, the craft, the joy! of making pies
so I got the best pie book ever, hot off the press

My 5 friends that came to my first pie&coffee event!

ohmygah, pie!  it came out great.

for my first pie I made the appleberry w/ the olive oil double crust..

Served a la mode w/ SO Delicious brand vanilla ice cream 

served with deelishous Chemex coffee

I guess i did a pretty swell job as hostess b/c my friends stayed for like 7 hrs! We played games and did a 500 pc. jigsaw puzzle. What was it like the first time hosting a get together at your own place? If you were like me, you had to prepare a fair bit..get dessert plates and teacups, a houseplant, extra chairs..

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