Sunday, May 1, 2011

Remain (as) Calm (as possible)

     I've got a whole day to write this paper and write and write I will.  I began at 8 this morning and am just going to keep at it.  I pretty much gutted the framework I had and am boldly starting out anew, to write the paper I am actually excited about writing.  It's on the Montreal Protocol, and the requirements are firm and strict, 12 pages of text, 1.5 spacing, minimum 20 sources, APA citations..ya!  It's hard for me to not get overwhelmed by the severity of it all, but I'm just doing my best to remain calm, make an outline, and work bit by bit. 
Pelicans stream over the beach, as seen from my porch
     When I was out on the front stairs eating my favorite bowl of cereal in the soft sun, a sense of calm slowly washed over me.  And how couldn't it?  I could hear the roar of the ocean waves, the breeze is fantastic today, and two different lines of pelicans glided overhead.  I want to talk about this last point: pelicans.  Brown pelicans are a mainstay here on WB, and I can definitely say that I do not take them for granted even though I see them several times a day.  Somehow they remind me of breathing..They fly in a line that gently wafts up and down, and they are likely flying with the contours of the wind.  I am always so happy to see them.
I almost always count the pelicans...they fly in short lines, as few as 3 members, and long lines, upwards of 20.. and occasionally I see one by him/herself.  I wonder how the different groupings form, how often they change groups, and why they fly back and forth across the island the way they do.

Pelicans on the South End (line of 6, my favorite!)
Of course, another super cool thing is watching them dive straight down into the ocean when they're catching a meal.  They make a big splash, and it always seems comical to me.

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