Saturday, August 6, 2011


I'm in Fairbanks, Alaska!! It was a huge 50 deg temperature swing for John and me. I LOVE it here! So so different!!! I will write more about these pics tonight I hope if we get done working at a decent hour! Yesterday we picked up our gear from FedEx easily enough in 3 trips back and forth from the University. I had to run back to the hotel during that for more clothing round 1. We ate lunch at a cafe above a used bookstore by campus which endearingly had free coffee and nice ceramic mugs. At 1:30 we were back in the lab and we didnt stop working til 10:15!!!! I had to run back to the hotel again at 7:30 for more clothing because even indoors I was getting super chilly; I was still wearing shorts and being hungry for several hours just doesnt jive with my system! Once I'd gotten my long underwear on and 2 jackets, and eaten some oatmeal and a protein bar, I was back in business! But we were encountering a lot of difficulties with our calibration and stayed real late! But when we left the building it was still very light out!! Craaaazy! We went to a really cool lodge/ bar for a much needed hangout and meal--i had Twisted IPA on draught, pizza, and salad. We got back at 2am amd are leaving the hotel at 7:45...Just woke up from a short sleep but I feel refreshed and ready to go back at it!!

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