Sunday, August 7, 2011

saturday afternoon in Fairbanks

John P suggested a thai place in town for us to eat lunch at!! Bless him. Hes been to Fairbanks several times and has an arsenal of good lil places to eat. Lemongrass Thai had a great menu! This was my tofu salad with shredded ginger, cashews, and a warm, spicy ginger dressing.

Upon the first bite of this soup, I said, ohmyGah, so good I have to take a picture. After several spoonfuls, I pronounced with 99 percent confidence it was the best cup of soup I'd ever had the pleasure of eating. Dramatic, maybe..true story though!! It was a warm coconut milk soup that tasted tangy like yogurt (because of the whole sprigs of lemongrass in it I think, perfectly cooked brocolli, cauliflower, and zucchini, raw carrot, one slice of a really flavorful root vegetable, bamboo shoots, and green onion....totally masterful.

John and I hope this contrail is not indicative of a plane crash!! but thats what it looked like!!

We went to dinner at a UAF prof's log cabin!! Best time eva!! We picked fresh raspberries for dessert!!

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