Monday, August 22, 2011

Night in the Lab

I spent 2 nights awake running samples while we were at the Toolik Lake Field Station. Both nights went pretty fast because their wasnt much darkness and the work was very methodical..first time I'd done anything like that..and I really enjoyed it!

The discrete Cavity ring down spectrometer genius.

All the vials of lakewater waiting their turn to be analyzed for natural gas.

Crimping a cap on a small vial of phosphoric acid that is needed for each sample.

Injecting samples into the instrumentand letting it do its thing!!

We just unpacked in our 3rd and final field site close to Homer, is a zillion miles away from Toolik (but sill in Alaska, obviously, this is Katy's Grand Tour of the49th State after all) and it is INCREDIBLY INSANELY gorgeous!! Huge mountains, Tons of Evergreens, On. a rocky rustic coastline..and our dorm is really really spacious and we have a huge kitchen and gorgeous view. Its actually really foggy (the locals call it being "socked in") and I'm stoked for it to clear up but already thrilled for the week ahead!!

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