Saturday, July 23, 2011

BNF grocery haul!

Today commemorated my 3rd Saturday in town and of course, my 3rd trip to adorable little Brazos Natural Foods.  Today they had some really great sales.  When BNF has items on sale, you identify them sometimes by a little sticky note on the freezer/fridge case or shelf but always by the addition of a little yellow price sticker next to the white one.  And sale items aren't synonymous with "about to die" items.  They're still in date for several days or way lata.

The entirety of my purchase posing for a quick pic before most of it rushed into the refrigerator, which I keep Xtra cool.
Yea, I'm talking my favorite loaf of bread (Genesis from FoodforLife) and another good barley bread marked down from $5 to $.99! They're already in the freezer so why not buy both.  And free-range goat milk from my very zipcode, at half price and still fresh through the end of next week!  I could go on and on.  Ok I will. That squash and tomato were in the sale bin and that head of broccoli was something like $1.79. Total scores.  Organic has never been so cheap.  Except for when it was fuh-ree from friends @ the Co-op in Wilm. Awwww.  Nothing gold can stay.

And ya gotta love on some bulk.  Cute ziploc bags and square self-price stickers.  I'm used to round ones (it's all about the little things right?)
From 11oclock: polenta, brown basmati, yellow quinoa, millet, currants, pepper, tumeric, vietnamese cinnamon, and ginger
 And at BNF, as I've mentioned on an earlier post, there's a bunch of brands I've never seen in NC.
Prime ex. of a unique, locally TX natural product.

Just to toss in how adorable BNF is with a concrete example--The cashier hands you a nickel at the end of the transaction for each reusable bag you brought. 3 nickels jangling in my pocket is just so fun.

Check the cute plain jane receipt.  & no tax in TX!

But it's certainly not just the price of sale items that is exciting to me as a shopper.  It's the whole concept of limited time only! get that 99 cent loaf in the freezer case before the shopper with the green basket perusing the 20 types of flours behind you does!! Ya know.  At least that's how it is for me.  In fact, I do know that I'm not alone.  Everyone in the marketing industry knows this tendency of people.  But getting organic and local food is more important to me than cheap, and luckily I can afford to shop soley at BNF.  And when the thing of limited time only and great value is something I know I enjoy and want, my hand reaches out like a swift dagger!  Just kidding.  I really do stop to think for a good bit.

After a lovely shopping experience, I enjoyed some Heritage O's.  I am gonna love this cereal!  It's very dense and it takes the O's a good 25 mins to get soggy, haha!  Perfect for someone like me who likes to read some NPR stories, NY, or browse some blogs with breakfast.
Cheerful bowl of O's and goat milk w/ a cup of freshly pressed Ethiopia Salimba AA

Self portrait with brekkie-for-lunch
 Another recent score: this hot sauce from the tex-mexcellent Freebirds up the street.  The name and description of this particular sauce as "blistering" is very fitting.
I love it--just had a liberal sprinkling on my dinner of brown basmati and kidney beans w/ broccoli.  The fresh broccoli from BNF has a really good, strong broccoli flavor that I just can't neglect to mention.  Good food just rocks. 

OOOh!  And not to brag too much about the deals here in Bryan-College Station, but oohhhhhmygah can you say 4 buck movie tickets?  Not the discount theater. Or just at matinees.  All the TIME at the regular, just-released-for-movie-theaters theater.  Ok, the student price is $4, but reg adults is only $5! All matinee tix are $3.75.  Pretty cool.  Didn't check, but I expect that refreshments are still for the millionaires.
My HP ticket from today's showing!
 LOVED the Harry Potter 7 finale movie btw!!!  It was so good, I would even venture to call it the "best movie of the series," and would give it a mark of EE (Exceeded expectations, the top grade of Ordinary Wizarding Level tests, for all you HP readers out there).

Next I will post more about this picture--taken inside Happy Yogurt!!  Yes, I have visited (twice!!) already.

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