Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jessica's wedding

Who are these crazy kids?  Jessica, Charlotte, and I, in Central Park last August

I clearly remember where I was when I got a call from Jessica last summer, telling me that Chris, her boyfriend, had proposed.  And she'd accepted.  I was thrilled to hear that the big moment had caught Jess romantically by surprise and also in Bond Park, where I ran with Jess and our other cross country mates throughout high school.
Jess was a stunning bride.  Her wonderful mom is also a very talented dressmaker!

I was so happy to see her!!!
The Love Nest was so happy to catch up with each other

I love Jess's family so much!  Daniel's head was cut off the pic b/c he's gotten so tall!

Very fancy dinner!  Weddings are so fun.
Happy table!!

Jess couldn't decide on just 1 cake flavor--so she chose several types!

Her dad drove the cakes all the way from Blue Moon Bakery in Cary!
 My table was served slices of chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream and chocolate icing. MmmmM
I didn't stay at a hotel in Blacksburg..I got to stay with a lovely friend, Dorothy!  She lives way up on a mountain, with cows and a fantastic view!
Can't believe I took this picture!  Or that I was here for 2 nights!!
 The mountain air was so fresh, I could hardly stand it!
Lovely lovey cows!!
 Dorothy and I spent the morning of the wedding watching the Kvitova v. Sharapova Wimbledon match and working on a sewing project.  Dorothy has an iPad too, and she had recently made a little shoulder bag for it.  She said we should make one for me, and we did!  I love it!  Cutting fabric straight is difficult, even with fancy sewing tools.  I'm also very clumsy with needle and thread, but I got a teeny bit better!  Dorothy did all the hard stuff.
Dorothy and I and our sewing project.
 After a lovely breakfast of oatmeal, tea, mango and just-picked blueberries, I was refreshed and as ready as I'd ever be to head out for my 20 hr drive to Texas via Memphis!

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