Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First sights in TX

My modes of transportation.  Gotta love em!
The open road.  Lots of puffy clouds and hills on day 2 through Arkansas and TX
 Finally!!  36 hours after leaving Blacksburg, I arrived in College Station, TX at a super nice mod hotel I got for cheap using Hotwire.  You choose a hotel room based on location and user approval ratings (but blindly in the sense that you don't know what the name of the hotel is).  It def worked for me!   After a hot shower, I came down to the lobby for some refreshment b/c I had zero desire to go anywhere/get lost after the long drive.
I had white zinfandel with my advisor (he hadn't realized I wasn't yet 21 at the time) the first time I came to Texas in March.  I enjoyed a glass of it with a salad.  After 2 days on the road I was craving some fresh veggies like cuh-razy!
Refreshing eats for a totally beat road warrior
 The next day, I went apartment hunting and went to my lab!!  When I pulled up to my building on my bicycle, I found a lovely sticker.  UNCW ECO did some great demonstrations related to the wack Koch Brothers, and I'm glad some students at Texas A&M are aware of them and doing something, too!!
So happy to see this on a pole outside my building!!

I was jazzed to start something new!
 I went right on up to the 9th floor of the Eller Oceanography & Meteorology building, where my new lab is!  The Kessler Lab!  There I found John and my other Kessler lab student friends, Eric and Carrie.  They gave me the warmest of welcomes and a nice mug of tea.
I did a candid camera thing with my advisor, John
 Things I saw on campus within 2 mins of being there:

Shorts and cowboy boots.   I feel like I'm def not in NC anymore

2 kids on Fixys!!  I don't feel like such an alien after all!

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