Thursday, July 14, 2011

My IKEA furniture

So I came to Texas with books, clothes, and technology, but no IKEA became my solution!  Perfect for the single person, the person with 638 square feet of house all to herself, the person who likes that Mod look, etc etc
That means..
Another road trip! To get furnishings for the freshly signed-for apt.!!

Arrived at the store in Round Rock, outside TX

Coffee and cookies to celebrate the end of a 6 hr  shopping spree!

Eric helped me assemble my bed when it came at 10pm 3 days later

My supa cool bed!  Complete w/ memory foam matress

Finished table w/ cute mod folding chairs.  I did it myself in 1.5 hrs!
I still have like 5 things to assemble, but for now the bed and table are doing me very well!!

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