Saturday, July 16, 2011

Enjoying froyo & friends

     It is like super hot here in Texas, with daily highs in the 105F range, and overnight lows in the 80s.  One of my fav things on the planet is fresh froyo and its freezy qualities tastes even better with all this heat!  Everyone in this bustling metropolis must agree because there are a dozen places to get it!  Not quite as many locations (seemingly on every corner!) as in the L.A. area, but still a ton more than NC.  Plus! my favorite one of all, Yogurtlands!  It's an instant mood changer, and gives me something to look forward to if I'm out shopping, getting lost on my bicycle coming home from a new place, or after having a rather dragging day at school.  Today I'm looking fwd to going after I assemble some more furniture.
     A big part of the thrill with FroYo places is the scope and quality of flavors: black raspberry, strawberry kiwi, shredded coconut, kona coffee, green tea, dutch dark chocolate, madagascar vanilla bean, original tart, and even things like red velvet cake batter, chocolate milkshake, and caramel almond bar..usually the places have like 16 or so flavors!  I sample a bunch and then settle on a several (mostly fruity) flavors to go in my cup.  Then there's the toppings: I get excited about seeing fresh mango and the asian mochi candy

I sampled this flava, it was incredible!
Froyo tastes esp. good after you've been lost and found your way again
My first time @ Ylands w/ Shira & Allison in Dana Point

Ecstatic about Yogurtland after hours of wandering the aisles of Target

Pistachio, dragon-passion fruit, & mango, with fresh mango & walnuts

I got invited to an afternoon pool party that was being thrown together by some Oceanography students.  I went and brought a cold hunk of watermelon.  It was a great time! I made friends with everyone there and was not too surprised that no one was from Texas.  Roxanne is from Jamaica and she is studying green sea turtles in the Galapagos; Carlos and Marco are both from Ecuador; Eric is in my lab and he's from New Jersey; Carrie from my lab was there too and she's from China).  Eric grilled some really tasty vegetable kabobs w/ mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, red onion, peppers, and zucchini..and Marco made some plantain kabobs!  We played with a volleyball in the pool and talked about research and recent travels.  Several of us are going to go watch the Womens World Cup Finals on Sunday at a sports bar.

Roxanne, Eric, me, Marco, Amelia, and Carlos at our little pool party :D

Lunch time @ school
On a side note,  I found something exciting on a piece of fruit during lunchtime this week
See the star shape?

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