Thursday, April 5, 2012

Class field trip

On Monday our labgroup took a lil field trip to "Washington on the Brazos," the birthplace of Texas.  John comes here a lot with his family and he knew it would be a nice place to show the prospective grad student visiting our lab from Irvine, CA this week.  Totally fine by me to peace outta school together early in the afternoon!!  There were some nice paths and lotsa wildflowers to inhale with my eyes and nostrils.  I very much wish I could bottle up the scent of a Texa wildflower field in spring.  Along the path, I came across a long-haired black caterpillar while we were there and we became fast friends.

Eric took some great photos with his phone that I would love to share..

John, me, and Mengran with our lovely prospective student, Mihai, next to me.

Texas paintbrush and bluebonnets
The kids:  Eric, Me, Mihai, and Mengran  w/ the bluebonnets and paintbrushes

Afterwards John wanted to treat Mihai to Texas BBQ, which Mihai incidentally has on his bucket list, or at least his "things to do while I'm visiting this grad school in Texas" list.  John was kinda nervous that I wouldn't be able to eat anything at Rudy's BBQ, but I was not.  Sure enough the dead-animals-made-TX-tasty haven was plenty vegan friendly--not that they would want to know that!  The staff shirts at Rudy's say, "I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain just to eat vegetables!"  Razor sharp logic, indeed.  Anyhow, the smoked baked potato and 3 bean (kidney, garbanzo, and green) salad was very good.  Odd that they wouldn't accept out of state licenses for a beer though and it made me glad that no where else in town that I have encountered is unkindly to the Old North State.


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