Thursday, April 19, 2012

crunch time

Ahhh, crunch time.  The end of the semester brings with it loads of weighty assignments and the mind aches from just thinking about the pile of things to do.  But I just am thinking positive and keeping vigilant about staving off end-of-the-world-as-schoolwork-knows-it thoughts.  Having work to do in my lab actually helps, because it goes along with the theory (still unproven!) that schoolwork isn't the center of the universe.  And during crunch time all the good in the world is good is even better!  Drinking good tea, eating tasty food, waking up after a nap, breaking a sweat on a morning jog, letting sunlight hit your skin--the spare moments I take to do other things seem extra awesome and help remind me that there's a world of things out there--and I don't have to wait to be all through with the semester to enjoy it. The lovely College Station spring temperatures and breezes are also really pleasant on my morning and evening commutes home.

SUPER good!  Gourmet PB&J--made with homemade raspberry grand marnier jam and slivered bananas

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