Wednesday, April 4, 2012

texas wildflowers viewed on bicycle

Hey there!

My friends Jan and Fenix took excellent photos while we were bicycling last Saturday to check out all the wildflowers that are blooming here.  We rode from Snook, TX to Lake Somerville (about a 50 mile loop) and did some geocaching around the lakeside with Jan's iPhone.

A few of my photos from the day:


Geocache treasures

Cows!  My first longhorn sighting.

Lake Somerville..pretty nice lake!!  About 30 miles around the whole thing I think

The Sea of Rural Southeastern Texas
And here are all of my pics on a Picasa web album, if you can check those out.

I really enjoyed the long ride and riding through the country--fresh air and cows! It was getting pretty hot by the end of our 8 hour journey though and we faced some really rocky/sandy rural roads on the way home.  I came home and ate about a pound of frozen fruit--mangos, pineapples, and peaches--laying under the ceiling fan, which is my go-to cool off and recover stategy.


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