Sunday, April 8, 2012

Not my father's cornbread

I made some deeelishous cornbread Friday morning.  The unusual thing about it was that it turned out blue. Guess that's what happens when you use Blue Cornmeal. :D

The blue corn has kinda a dull, violet-blue hue really.  Reminds me of the color of the Crayola "cornflower" crayon actually.  I don't know why we don't see more of blue corn--the only place it is mainstream is in blue corn chips, which have recently been adopted by Lays I believe, though they started out exclusively in the natural foods market I'm pretty sure.  I've also eaten natural blue corn taco shells, but that's the only blue corn I've ever experienced.  Blue is just more fun.  Sorry, yellow.  Red chips you see in restaurants are just too red--I would hazard a guess that it is just dyed yellow corn.

I followed Arrowhead Mills' recipe, found on their bag of their blue cornmeal, and it turned out great--moist, deelishous, slightly sweet.  I tweaked it a tad by curdling the nondairy milk with a dash of vinegar to give it that buttermilk edge. My friend Morgan was over to enjoy a couple of pieces but I'm pretty sure I will polish the rest of the pan off before the weekend is out--I just can't get enough. 

I topped my cornbread with coconut cream, blue agave, and sea salt.  I made the coconut cream by pouring a can of coconut milk into a shallow container and letting it thicken up in the fridge--maggggical.

My dad makes the meanest cornbread I've ever tasted, and I aim to make his recipe, which is Mollie Katzen's from the Moosewood cookbook, with agave and a vegan egg* someday soon. Growing up, he always carved a big 'S' for Sparrow onto the top of the cornbread just before putting it into the oven and I always made sure to remind him of it.  

*Ener-G egg replacer worked splendidly in this blue cornbread recipe, which called for one egg or egg replacer.  To make an Ener-G egg, you just buy a box of it from your supermarket's baking or natural foods aisle and mix up 1.5 tsp of the patented potato starch and tapioca starch mixture with 2 Tbs. warm water and voila, a perfect no-cruelty, no-cage, no-fence, non-animal agriculture dependent 'egg' for all-purpose baking.

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