Monday, April 16, 2012


happy friday the 13th--lotsa schoolwork here to do at my desk and in my lab today.  best to get a bunch done & have a great sense of accomplishment heading into the wknd! I think i'll go get a cold beer at the bar by school after a swim/run at the Rec.

My standing army.
here is a deelishous thing to think about: vegan chocolate-bottomed macaroons, recipe courtesy of the glorious ppk.  All of my oceanography friends loooved them.  and they only took 1 easy hour to make from start to final cookie in ur hand.  next up, I will make the Cocoa-on-cocoa variaysh!

I'm rich!  A whole pile of gold!

I  l00ve Isa's recipe comment that, "These are irresistibly adorable, nugget sized morsels that look like they could double as the currency of magical forest creatures." soooo true! and I so wanna live in that forest!!

have a great weekend!! I have gotten several sweet, loving messages from Wilmington friends the past couple weeks (2 in the last day, alone!) and can't wait to do some solid correspondence of my own on my fav self-drawn whale shark stationery!  and probably do a bit of baking, finish my novel, "1Q84"!, and take walks in my peaceful neighborhood :D


WEEKEND UPDATE:  I did finish IQ84, and it was a great ending!! very satisfying!!  Haruki was very nice to do that, to leave me feeling warm and fuzzy about Tengo and Aomame after 921 pages.  And I took nice walks and i also spent lovely hours in my happy kitchen, whipping up a small batches of peanutbutter pretzel rice krispie treats, cornbread, brownies, and chocolate chip muffins!

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