Thursday, May 5, 2011

And i'm feelin good..

       I had my physical oceanography final this a.m. and it went totally swell. 50 short answer, no problem.. The one problem was that my hands were cold and oddly stiff from my bike ride and I couldn't write so well in the beginning.
And my adv. natural resource management final went well too!  It  took the whole 3 hour period b/c of the paucity of bird and tree field guides.  Good thing I had my lunch with me during the layovers between stations--
yellow-bellied sapsucker
    It was a very multi-faceted exam:  60 multiple choice, 2 birds (stuffed) and 2 trees to identify (outside), had to use a compass to find 2 bearings (outside), test 2 water samples for turbidity, salinity, pH, and temperature, and use a topographic map to answer a couple questions.  I was so stoked that I could identify both of my birds in a second..a yellow-bellied sapsucker, and a northern flicker, (a yellow-shafted flicker actually, I did use the guide for that).  Both have really distinctive red markings so they were probably easy for other people too, but I don't know, some people took 20ish minutes on their birds!  I was not so swift at the trees though, and pretty much gave up and said one was a Sourgum, though it probably wasn't..anyhow, I didn't care at all..
         I totally felt the joy of being done with all but one killlllllerrrrr (physics) class.  My last exam is Tuesday morning so I have 4 days to get going on preparing for it.  I am going to work out a ton of sample problems from the textbook. Tomorrow I am going to my brother's and sister's graduation from ECU in Greenville, jazzed to be with them and mom & dad.
        Gah, I cannot believe my "7 impt things of importance" has shrunk to "1" so happy.  Going home for a nap, a run around the island, and dinner & a movie at stephens.

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