Wednesday, May 11, 2011


      So that's it, I'm done with my undergraduate career here at UNCW.  I bicycled to the dreaded physics exam yesterday morning.  I actually felt really calm and just drank in the scenery of crossing the Intracoastal waterway, the familiar trees, and storefronts on the way to campus.  When I was a kid I always dreamt about being a beach kid who rode my bike to school and stuff..I'm so happy to have gotten to grow up and be that kid for my last year of college as I got to live on the island this schoolyear!  So lucky.
      I got to spend Mothers Day weekend with my very own mom (and dad and godmother!).  We were at Emerald Isle after Ben & Sarah's graduations.  Sarah, by the way, was the Outstanding Senior for the Music school and gave a really great speech to her graduating class!  I was like, "That's My Sister!"  you know?  So proud.  I got to sit with Ben at her ceremony, which was nice brother-sister time. 
Mom & I were out observing our swamp on Mothers Day.
     So mother and I birded in the morning of course--saw a little blue heron in the swamp by our house and mom introduced me to a flycatcher while we were bicycling.  I can't remember which flycatcher he was..
      Andy's film about "Don't ask don't tell" premiered last night in the film student showcase and it was sooo good!  He followed up on a news story of a  UNC student who got kicked out of ROTC and has to pay back $80,000 in scholarships because she is gay and she didn't feel like a person of integrity by continuing to hide it from the people she worked with everyday who needed to trust her completely.  Andy had told me all the ideas he was putting into this film, like shadow puppets, old photos, green-screening, news headline scrolling, etc etc and it all came together sooooo great!  Incredible. 
Fact: Mothers love flowers and homemade cards.
     Mom & Dad gave me, Ben, and Sarah iPads for graduation!  So jazzed.  Am going to be playing with it today, putting some things in my car, hanging out with my bff Vanessa and meeting up with my fellow environmental sci classmates at the lighthouse again.  Lucky kid!

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