Tuesday, May 3, 2011

lovely sunny tuesday

     I am so happy to have completed my big montreal protocol paper, woo no more papers! as well as to have turned in my bird identification field notebook!  I had a last minute addition to the notebook..Picture me, just having rolled out of bed, on the street in the morning at 7:30, aiming my camera at something up on the telephone wires..that was how 2 of my roommates found me as they were leaving for work.  Total bird nerd.  I snapped a good photo of a house finch.  Though it doesn't have as much red as the purple finch who, according to my Peterson guide, is "like a sparrow dipped in raspberry juice," (!!) but it has quite a bit on head/neck.  I can't wait to share my notebook w/ my mom!  It's nothing spectacular by any means, as it is just a powerpoint presentation, but I know she'll think its cool.  I def had a great time doing the assignment.  Probably my favorite assgn. I've ever had, really, b/c of how often I'd be outside and think, Ah, I wonder what that bird is? That being said, the most common bird around my house is the mourning dove, and I refused to put it in my book!  My big breakthrough came when I ID'd an immature forster's tern.  I felt like I had conquered the bird world..nah not really.  After all, I'm just a sparrow!  I did, btw, get a nice male house sparrow, who is an old world sparrow, and a cute li'l chipping sparrow in my book.
     I jumped on my bike w/ my handy flash drive in my pocket and turned my notebook in (figuratively, as my TA just downloaded the file and handed me back the drive..ah technology..) and went to play with Jackson after that.  I saw Mike and Jackson out on their paddleboard as I biked to the south end, but wasn't quite sure it was them. They're too cool.  J and I discovered the largest jellyfish I've ever seen (1.5 foot diameter!) in the channel.  We played 1 on 1 bball and did spanish flashcards, made some mother's day necklaces, you know, cool kid stuff, before his dad whisked him off to his t-ball game.
     I just knocked out my last physics homework assignment, and what a relief that is. 3 big exams and 1 easy open-note left and that. is. all. folks.
This choc. almondmilk & banana beverage was dedicated to michael!
      My awesome friend Michael called me this evening during a break from his class, he's in Portland and having an amazing time there.  He was asking me about kombucha, as he just started brewing some.  He "broke" practically all of the basic guidelines that I know of, but I bet his elixir will come out anyway because he just has a way with things! 

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