Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gorgeousss sunset ova Banks Channel, Wrightsville Beach

I share this photo not because I took it today, but because it is the exact site where I saw 2 black skimmers this evening!!!!!!  Black skimmers are pretty much my fav bird ever besides the black-necked stilt, and they are a threatened colonial nesting bird, so always good to see.  First time I've ever seen them here!
       At 7, I was coming home from port city java where I did some studying and spilled like 10 oz of green tea, you know, the usual.  Its bad enough to spill something, but when the barista puts up a Caution Wet Floor sign it just screams to the world "Accident Prone Person Over Here!"  Anyhow, spills aside, it was a good productive time, and I saw not 1 but 3 friends there! 
When I saw the skimmers (a pair) skimmin (doin their thang!), I almost went over my handlebars, I was so stoked. Good thing I didn't, because besides the fact that the water is still chilly...its one of my roommate, Alex,'s  birthday today, and i had gotten her a pcj chai shake to-go, b/c I had heard a nice barista recommend that beverage on several occasions..that woulda been 2 spilled beverages in one day! no good.  
        I got to see my sweet friend Cristina at the coffeeshop which was so rad.  We have coffeeshop ESP..pretty much whenever I enter a cafe, I know there's a good chance she's there.  This time, she faked me out and was in the restroom when I got there, and then I didn't see her for  another 5 mins b/c I went in the other restroom (the java joe's, not jane's) washing bike grease off my hands, as my chain and I had to have a lil 1 on 1 chat when it went on strike and fell off.  We worked things out.  So glad.
  I'll be up for 3 more hours gettin some physical oceanography phenomena into mah brain b4 my 8am exam..

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