Friday, May 20, 2011

Coasting on post-gaduation high

My advisor, me, and the diploma
So after last Friday afternoon's post, I dropped my laptop on my foot from quite a height as I was fumbling with a doorknob to pack it into my car!  Ouch. My foot is healing up nicely though and an x-ray taken this week confirmed that nothing was broken.  But the swelling that ensued made the big Walk to shake hands with the chancellor and get my diploma the next day a little difficult!  But I managed.  Hooray, I'm a college graduate!
I didn't notice my foot swelling up until late Friday night because I was having such an epic time enjoying the guests at my graduation party!!  A serious portion of My World was in attendance and it was actually not overwhelming, but just FUN!  All the kids I babysit for were there and I loved getting to play & swim with them one last time in Banks Channel which is literally the backyard of Mike & Julie's house.   So many of my close friends made it out, I was so happy!!  The families I babysit for (aka best families in Wilmington/WB) and my own family were there too, which was so awesome, words just can't say it all...PLUS there was 2 flavas of vegan cake, several incredible salads, and great beverages: I had a new coriander brew from New Belgium, fantastic.  Stephen brought the first loaf he had made from a tight breadmaking book he scored; luckily I scored a piece before it was eaten up!  I floated from group to group of mingling family/friends and just watched the magic happen, and of course said somber goodbyes as the night drew to a close...Absolutely incredddddbile time-of-my-life type of deal we're talking about here.

Family and I at our candid best on WB
Since graduation, I've been diving headlong into this great summer vacation!  Moved in with my parents :D  Shopped at Whole Foods :D Went Swimming 3 times at the YMCA :D  Am at the beach with the Rents soaking up the sun and birdwathching...and most importantly, free reading!!!!  I'm reading The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Stephen's fav author, Haruki Murakami and ohman fantastic.  I've gotten in touch with my old reclusive bookworm self and am totally lovin it.  Someone at the library who has his other books checked out and I are going to be battling it out..I was nice and only checked out one but I'm going back and gettin all thats left..hahah

Opening Texas A&M shorts from Mom & Dad

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