Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feelin invigorated!!

My bicycle posing with my bff Vanessa's bicycle, May 2011.
     Wow, crazy eventful day I can't wait to tell you about--a positive mindset has really been a friend to me today!!  My good friend Michael (at UNCW) once talked about the mental power you could gain from adapting a "bulletproof positive attitude" each day and that idea has stuck with me ever since. Even though I don't achieve it daily, it is a tool that is in my metaphysical toolbox.. and today I totally found it in my hands!

What is she talking about??
Well, lemme tell ya..

      My eyelids started to get very heavy as I was watching a very good YouTube video reviewing Redox (Reduction-Oxidation) reactions in preparation for my Chemical Oceanography exam, so I called it a night around 1:30am.  I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to review at 9am, after a bowl of rice krispies and making a cup of my new fav Original GoodEarth Sweet&Spicy tea.  Unlike my Analytical Chem exam preparation, I never reached a 'freak out-stress out' zone for this test, which I credit mostly to having actually taken a Chemical Oceanography class before in Undergrad, unlike Analytical Chem which is 100% new-to-me!  So yea, I reviewed in the solace of my Apt., and planned to leave shortly after 12pm, which I did, as the exam was at 12:45pm.
     I got my first test of not being fazed out when I totally missed the dumpster when I lobbed my small plastic bag of trash at it as I rode by it..had to get off my bike and pick up the contents which had spilled out..and I sorta hate standing by dumpsters because I can only hold my breath for just so long.  Anyways, I got the job done and off I went, perhaps a bit more hurried than I was before.
     I was already a bit nervous about the noontime traffic, and rightfully so--there were way more cars out and the traffic signal that I turn left at was way more congested..I have to go from being on the far right side of the multiple-laned road to the right-side of the double-left turn lane (just typing that sentence is a bit hairy!) and it is usually not hard and I thought I was doing fine until I realized too late!! that I was making the turn at the same time as 2 school buses!  And the backside of the bus was swinging towards me and I ran up onto this little awkward median to avoid it!  I must have closed my eyes, but I fell with all the skill of a stunt double as I went up and over the median because I have no road rash at all!! I am so glad  I chose to wear my jeans today instead of cutoff shorts or my long underwear (which I almost did!).  And my glasses stayed on my face.  My bike was maybe 5 feet away from me and I quickly grabbed it and the glass jar containing my freshly blended banana-acai smoothie, which had rolled outta my bag..and set off riding..quickly realizing that my front tire was busted and that something else was awry..
     No problem!  I was truly invigorated by being alive! left totally unscathed by the accident so my mind felt really clear, unclouded by doubt or dismay at having an injured bicycle.  My building, though 0.5 mile away, was in view at this point and I was pretty sure I could drop it off at my bike shop (conveniently just ahead on the left!) and still make it in time to the exam.  I quickly told the bike mechanic that I'd had an accident and to please fix my bicycle, and he said, "OK, and I can tell you right now that your fork is bent outta shape."  Ah, lame, I thought but, I must be off!  So off I ran.
I sprinted along this very sidewalk this a.m.!!  (The pic was taken in July) towards that tall bldg. with the satellite dish on top (the Oceanography bldg).
    Well, I made it with time to spare!  Went up to our office and had time to recount the highlights of the accident to Carrie and grab my calculator from my desk drawer.  When I stepped in the classroom (down on the 2nd floor), I just felt so ready--I had prepared well and was happy to be alive! Adrenaline was definitely still pumping through my system and the mental clarity hadn't worn off either.  Plus, I had my banana-acai smoothie which thankfully hadn't rolled out of my life!! :D  I think I totally ACED the 75 min exam!!     
      The rest of the day I have just been floating on a cloud.  I needed to choose a term paper topic for Chem Ocean so I decided while I was eating my deelish lunch of baked acorn squash and granny smith apple that I would do something about the Amazon River delta--if for no other reason than thinking about South America in the back of my mind while I write/research will be nice.  I decided upon the topic of "The use of radioisotopes of radium in the Amazon River as a geochronometer" after a power hour of research and finding 5 references to start out with on Web of Science before Isotope Geochem class. My prof, Shari, said That Should Be Fine, so that's cool!

      My bike (nicknamed "The Man in the Yellow Hat" from Curious George) won't be fixed until Thursday or Friday, as the shop has to acquire a fork that fits The Man. So I will take this opportunity to learn the public transportation system! Carrie helped me out and we found that my apartment complex is on Route 12, "Reveille" Line. The buses are University-run and I'll pick it up tonight over by where I usually pedal past them en route to or from the Rec Center. I never ride buses, so this will be fun! A change of pace (for the slower, I'm sure), but it's only temporary and totally cool.
          I'm off to the Rec Center now--I decided not to try my hips (ha!) at Pilates again this Tuesday..I feel like running tonight and watching Friends on an elliptical. I think I may have very lightly bruised my right rib cage from the fall today, and my left index finger maybe, but that's it! I am counting my lucky stars and will definitely be more careful at that (and every!) intersection from now on (noting that aloud for you, Mom!!) xoxoxo

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