Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Watch "Mary & Max"

      So last night I left the building and realized I felt sorta sleepy!  Didn't go to the Rec and instead made my way towards the general direction of the bus stops.  I asked for directions and found my way..buses are cool!  The world looks different from inside of a bus.  And the A&M buses are big and very full!  You feel like part of a party as soon as you step on board.  I missed the stop closest to my apt. complex because I pulled on a handle (for people standing up to hold on to) instead of the cord running down the wall behind my seat.  The driver made an unofficial stop as soon as he could stop without impeding traffic, so that was nice. 
    I came home and took a hot shower and settled in to watch a movie, and Netflix recommended a really good one,  I daresay, a new fav!!  The film is called Mary & Max.  I knew from the first minute of the film, of the dark comedy, claymation genre, that I would just love it and of course, I did!!  It's the story of two highly unique and endearing characters who become penpals, Max in NYC and Mary in Australia.  Great score by Penguin Orchestra Cafe; the main theme sounded really familiar, but I'm not sure where I've heard it before.  My only gripe with the film is that it said "Based on a true story" at the beginning, and it always bothers me a bit when I think throughout a film, "Is this bit true?  This bit?  and that?"  because I'd rather just be enjoying a story.  In fact, I think the film's writer and director just based Max's character off of a pen-friend of his own.
     Well, I think I'll french press some What's the Buzz coffee and start my isotope geochem problems now.  My analytical class ended very early as it was taught by our TA today, so just thought I'd do a quick post.  My bus ride to school this a.m. was fun and thankfully, uneventful, as opposed to yesterday's excitement.

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