Friday, October 21, 2011

Well isn't it my lucky day

I can't believe how well this day is going.  I am just shocked.

Yes, I have definitely eaten a couple squares of chocolate already, but that was not by stroke of good fortune
For the first time, EVER, I sat down to my analytical chemistry quiz and knew how to answer every single problem!  Granted, it was my third one, so I am being a bit dramatic with the ever and there were 7 problems, not like 20, but I'm not mentioning this happy event just to make concessions!  I am so so jazzed!   This subject is tough for me, so to appear like I know it by acing a quiz is just great.  For all the professor knows, I do know it!  Ohmygosh, maybe I actually do?!  Could I actually be starting to understand this stuff?    This quiz was on Raman Spectroscopy and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).   NMR can be utilized by really cool chemical oceanographers, but also by doctors--the property of NMR is the basis for the standard procedure nowadays for getting a good look at the brain, heart, muscle and cancer, without any ionizing radiation--an MRI scan.

So that quiz went down this a.m. at 10:20.  I had gotten to school at about 7:45 to study in my office, but had to evacuate the building shortly before 9, because of a fire alarm, so I did my last hour of study in the library.  I alternated between feeling calm and feeling unprepared, but tried to be brave and think positive and obviously, the positivity won out :D

Then!!  I got a call from the pest guy who had come to check out the situation in my Apt.  He couldn't get any fleas to jump on him even though he said he was crawling around on all-fours.  I haven't mentioned that I have thought that I had a flea problem and have been vacuuming and chloroxing like a madwoman for the past 5 days.  But guess what!!? NO need to apply harsh chemicals to the Apt.--I was so bothered by that, obviously! as I love my lil space and am sorta bent on protecting my health!-- because the apt. doesn't have fleas!!!  I did think it was strange that the lil things weren't leaving any bite marks on me..turns out what I was infested by was a fruit/fungus fly population that has dwindled due to my intense cleaning regimen but will really be gone after maintenance takes care of the refridgerator's water trap that had become full.  Shout out to Brian, the pest guy, for his investigative work!!  He said he would only apply a non-toxic aerosol spray made of pine, as he had seen my toxic-scared notes, bless him.  And he told me to just leave some chlorox in my sink/shower drains once a week (not too often or you will kill off the good bacteria that's there) for a couple weeks.

Gooooood day.
Two other random fortuitous things--
I was emailed today about being "selected" (ooooooh) to participate in a focus group study for the office of graduate studies on Monday.  I guess to make sure we show up for the hour-long discussion or whatever, they have proferred, "a Starbucks Coffee gift card, a t-shirt, and a number of other miscellaneous gift items."  I don't know what's more exciting: the starbucks (which I just enjoyed for the first time in College Station yesterday, or the mystique of the miscellany.  

And 2nd, I saw a poster for a Bollywood Movie Night in the Student Rec Center tonight!  I am stoked to hang out with other Indian culture lovers.  Some Bollywood is incredibly cheesy, but some is just excellent, like my fav, Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na, which I saw at the Galaxy Cinema in Cary years ago.  Whether it actually has a good plotline and has people who can actually act isn't important, I love it all!  

I'm going to my fav Power Yoga class now, then will go to the library to get a new free read since I finished Murakami's After Dark (liked it a lot!).

Happy Friday!!!

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