Thursday, October 20, 2011

baked goods

I did some baking this weekend--creating 2 goods that appeal to my current appetites for chocolate and the oh so seasonal pumpkin.

pumpkin bread
Moist, date-sweetened, and full of  pumpkin-pie spicey glory

chocolate chocolate chunk bread
I would love to be a citizen of a chocolate Death Valley

cute pumpkin sandwiches!
I took these to starbucks this morning next to the University for a special start to the a.m. today. I'd never been there and the vibe was very nice! Lotsa seating and young and old folk.  I paired the punkin sammiches with a soy capp w/ an xtra shot!  in a for-here mug. I read and enjoyed The Onion, my fav fake news site, and laughed audibly.

sandwich components: almond butter!  love justin's honeyed up take on AB

and chocolate! i looove xoxoxo chocolate.  and it loves me back with the heart inscribed on each square  <3

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