Sunday, October 16, 2011

Visit to TAMU-G and a Katy fashion shoot

On Thursday, my Isotope Geohemistry class convened at the TAMU-Galveston campus for a tour of their radioisotope labs and to have a class all together.  There are 4 guys in the Galveston class and 4 girls, including me, in the College Station section and we communicate during lecture time using a live web conference system.  John, my advisor, is going to be teaching the 2nd half of the course, Stable Isotopes and Dr. Santshci just finished the Radioisotope portion.  John, Fenix, Lei, Carrie, and I drove over to Galveston after Houston morning rush-hour.
Checking out the waterfront and vessels at TAMU-Galveston

The beautiful TAMU-Galveston campus, and oceanography building right on the water

They had several excellent mosaics in the sunlit Oceanography atrium!  Which was only slightly more attractive than the dusty old display cases we have.
 All in all, a lovely trip.  We had lunch (Greek) and dinner (Mexican) on the eponymous road called "Seawall" which runs right along the beach.  I knew Galveston is not a shining example of coastal management from my environmental science and oceanography classes at UNCW, and there were many hardened structures along this coastline: little jettys and of course, the seawall, which runs for like 3 miles I think.

Annnnd movie right along to today, where I a) lounged around, b) ran errands like getting the li'l Fit's oil changed & shopping for marvellous groceries at Brazos Natural Foods, and c) popped over to Target.  I ventured there primarily for bakeware and sandals, but ended up getting a bunch of T's and sweaters cuz I was in an unusual get-some-new-clothing mood. 
 I got an Insulated cookie sheet, 2 sizes of mini ramekins, and a loaf pan.

The world of baking possibilities just increased many-fold for me!  I can now make such creations as mini cheesecakes, baked oatmeals, loaves of banana and pumpkin bread, cookies, and totally stoked! How have I survived without these things?  Baking cookies on the cast-iron skillet was allright, but I think this new sheet will be much more suitable.

Aunt Lucy is my baking benefactor as well as inspiration!  She has made award-winning scones at a competition at her local farmers' market and also bakes for such causes as the Susan Komen foundation.  Thanks for the bakeware support Auntie!!  We have been tossing around ideas via email for a pistachio-rosewater scone that my mouth waters just thinking about.

 Because I know you are so stoked to see me modeling my incredibly hip designer Target clothing, I give you, a rare Katy PHOTO SHOOT.  What makes a katy fashion show unique to high-fashion runways in NYC?  Well, for starters, I am modeling only Tops and wearing the same Plain, black long underwear in every shot.  Play some killa beats whilst you view and scroll slowly for the fullest experience.

No, I haven't gone all corporate.

The Japanese characters and "Tokyo, Japan" totally hooked me into getting this T.

An interesting sweater, a see-through material on the shoulders.  The weather is cooling down to the 80s, afterall.

Geekin it Up. 
Wait, let me get a couple of my textbooks.  Ya, that's more like it.

Sesame Street "LOVE" T and Cardigan in "Oatmeal" (perfect!).

Just trying out a look I might need at some point.  Hopefully not soon.

3 button, three-quarter length sweater.  This look just screams grad student to me.

 This is the point at which I said, this MUST end.  Go do your homework. 

This week, the world lost Steve Jobs (seriously), but also, a dear pair of shoes.  RIP Blowfish gladiators (12/25/2010-10/12/2011)
So I replaced them with a good lookin pair of synthetic leather footbed goodness.  Unfortunately, Apple cannot make so easy of a subsitution.

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