Friday, June 24, 2011

Cave of Forgotten Dreams Thursday

  I lounged around at Crema this morning, drinking a latte, having a snack, and reading..just a lovely time..
Brought the chocolate chunk banana bread!  And a banana for good measure.  What's that sandwiched in between the banana bread??  No, not peanut butter.  Not a nut butter.  No sunflower seeds either..

It's Biscoff Spread!! Its a spread made out of cookies! What could be better.  It's very popular in parts of Europe apparently.  I'd never really heard of it or tried it; love it.

 I got it at whole foods and have tried it on apples also and it was great, like a caramel apple from the fair.  Except better.  It doesn't have any hydrogenated oils either (b/c Europeans are smart like that).

I made it to The Galaxy this afternoon for a matinee showing of Werner Herzog's latest film, a documentary called Cave of Forgotten Dreams.  Check out the trailer (below) is about the discovery of the Chauvet Caves in southern France that contain the oldest paintings ever found b/c the art was uniquely preserved when the cave system was sealed off by rocks.  We're talking old:  Homo sapiens were in here painting perhaps as early as 40,000 B.C.  Craaazy stuff!  There were tons and tons of animals..panthers, mammoths, lions, horses, bison...and neanderthals were still around too!!  It was really moving--I cried towards the end when the footage was scrolling over the walls slowly with choir music in the background and there was a bison that was looking out of the wall (instead of just being a profile flat against the rock face) and it was just such a piercing, intense gaze I couldn't help myself.

And  I finished after the quake (a short story collection) know its a good story when you get shivers at the end.  Murakami can definitely write short stories.  Maybe he was even originally a short story writer.  It is cool to notice common themes, recurring dialogue and word choice in his 3 works I've read now.  I am loving him more and more!  Ready to start getting into A Wild Sheep Chase now..I have 1 week until I have to return it b/c I'm moving to TX!  Yikes
Self portrait @ Crema Coffee

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  1. so jealous you got to see the lastest herzog!!!! a spread made out of cookies!? banana, chocolate chunk bread!? murakami!
    sounds like you are living the life...

    things are not so bad here either. i am coming to chapel hill on monday to see Dinosaur jr. at cats cradle. then next weekend i am going on a small trip to asheville!