Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recalling a great hike in CA

Stoked to head out for a nice long run around Cary
Ah, summer vacation.  It is so so nice to wake up early and have a whole day to do whatever you like.  I woke up and had a bowl of cereal and then went off to Crema Coffee to chill and have an espresso and read my Murakami novel (Sputnik Sweetheart!) for a couple hours.  At 11 I got ready to go for a long run..I keep doing that! running in the middle of the day, not the best I know, but I suppose I'm getting used to running in 90 degrees..putting on plenty of sunblock that's for sure.  Anyhow, I came back from my fav 9 mile loop and then went out to get some lunch with my nextdoor neighbors, Amelia and Sarah.  After eating up a delish plain bagel w/ plain cream cheese (plain sort of mood!) we left Bruegger's, home of the best bagels in town, and went and chilled with some cool beverages at Crema.  I was in the mood for an ibc root beer, so that's what I got. Sarah and Rachel just got back from Bonnaroo, a dusty crazy time to be sure!  I would have loved to see Beirut and Arcade Fire.  Speaking of being outdoors for hours on end..but in a very different setting...
Bear Canyon Trail in the Cleveland Nat'l Forest
 Allison and I went on a great hike 2 weeks ago while she and I were visiting Shira in San Clemente.  Shira was at work, so the 2 of us drove east out to Riverside Co. to the this trail we had heard about, up to Sitton Peak.  It was 10 am and we were pretty excited.

 Great trails and we only saw 3 other souls in the whole 11 miles!  There was one girl hiking and one guy..he wrote in the log book at the top, "Sure beats work!"  I wrote that I was scared to come down!  True story, it was super steep to get up to the top!  My old running shoes didn't give good traction at all, but it could've been worse, actually, the 3rd person we encountered was a guy on horseback who told us that he had just passed 2 rattlesnakes in the middle of the trail and that we'd better watch out.  Yea that was a scary few hundred yards!  But we didn't see them.
2200 ft elevation change later..This is the view from the rock on Sitton Peak where we perched at the top for some lunch!! 
Looking up at Sitton Peak..man it looked far away at that point!

Tired legs
 Between the hiking and the tide pooling, my legs were pretty beat!  I was so jazzed to get to be outside so much and that I got to see so much awesome CA country (rocky cliffs! beaches!  mountains!).
West Coast Reunion!!!  It was gorgeous out.  Like it is every day there!
One morning we went tide pooling on the rugged coast over where my friend works in Dana Point.  Shira and Allison found all kinds of things in the rocks as we scrambled across the rocks, trying not to let any of the waves come crashing in on us.  We found anemones, wavytop turbin snails, brittle stars, sea stars, limpets..so rad.


  1. sup katy?! i have been catching up on your blog posts and enjoying them immensely. I was at wrightsville beach fishing the other night and a huge storm rolled in. The beach emptied but i stayed for the lightening storm. I saw these shorebirds i had never seen before (bryan later notified me they were american oystercatchers). Some cannonball jellyfish had washed up and i also found TWO living starfish. pretty cool night.

  2. So so glad you are enjoying the posts Stephen!! and my first comment on a post eva-- thanks for breaking the blog's ice.
    Happy to hear that u are gettin out to the WB (even if u are there to rip some lips) and yay oystercatchers! never seen them there! but have seen them over by bald head island before. And  cannonballs and sea stars gosh u really racked up on the wildlife.  I can picture it all beautifully with the (not heat!) lightning all around and everyone fleeing.  Thats the best.