Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Green tea bubble tea and choice asian produce
 Grand Asia Market today!!  Rachel went with me and we had a grand time.  In produce I got a honey tangerine, a small jicama, and a small green papaya.  I plan on making som tam tomorrow of course!!
Fresh red bean bun and some choice sweets.
 I also got a hot n fresh red bean bun, some mochi candy, pocky, and some chocolate biscuits.  Supa fun!!  I'm gonna take the chocolate pocky to my fav barista because she's a fan.
At my (old) residence..that's the ocean in the background!! gawsh

I am missing wrightsville beach, just my life/friends there really, not the whole rush rush student thing.  duh.  Ah well..I'm off to watch Lost in Translation now..I watched Insomnia a couple nights ago just for the whole Alaska during eternal daytime feel of it all and last night I happened to watch My Best Friends Wedding (I can watch anything with Julia Roberts in it for some reason..) which leaves me with the moral, "Perhaps the love of your life will not have feelings with you and will marry someone else, but at least your best friend will surprise you by coming to the wedding reception and dance with you and you will be happy." Also JR insinuates that College Station, TX is a drab place to live :/  too bad I'm moving there in 16 days, and am pretty set on looking forward to it!!

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