Sunday, June 19, 2011

 Happy Father's Day, Don Sparrow!!!!  That's my father.  (The unsuspecting one with the salad!) Cutie
 The other fellow is a house sparrow who definitely saw me taking his picture and promptly flew off.

Pop and I got to do everything today together: have toast on the screened-in porch, take our bicycles out for a ride, get mocha lattes at Cup a Joe (Home of the King Mocha) and catch a flick: Jane Eyre (w/ Mia Wasikowska as Jane) which was playing at The Galaxy.  It was a tortuous love story to be sure, with a fantastic heroine.  My dad and mom have both read the story of course, but I didn't know it at all.  I'm really amazed at the posture, mannerisms, and demeanor with which 21st century actresses like Mia and Keira Knightley (playing Lizzy in Pride & Prejudice) can dynamically play these early 19th C. women. 

Yesterday for lunch our family intended to go out for African food at a cool place we recently discovered and loved but Oh! we had to discover they are Closed on Saturdays..would have been much to our dismay had there not been an Indian restaurant right nextdoor.  And not just simply Indian, but South Indian Vegetarian buffet!  Woah mama.  Largest selection I've ever seen.  No naan, here folks!  But its heavenly tandoori ovenlicious bread void was filled with several South Indian jewels: Dosa, Tali, Appam, Pappadum, and Chapati.  Man and there were a dozen fantastic dishes with chickpeas, spinach, paneer, a yellow dal, and some great chutneys, even a Coconut chutney!! and lots of desserts including a salty yogurt rice pudding and mango "moose" haaha.  Great great great!  We all loved it.

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