Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lazy and lively

Today the air quality was much improved here in Cary!! So glad. The relatively small wildfire in eastern NC yesterday really gave me some insight into the grossness and inconvenience of wildfires (and air pollution!) that are affecting many areas of the world.  It's terrible to want to go outside but realizing that its unsafe for you to be breathing out there so you'd better rethink that completely natural thought...I walked to the YMCA (so nice to have that close by! and have visitors passes!)to go to spin and yoga class yesterday evening and felt lightheaded and a bit of lung pain when I started cycling..could have been psychological but maybe not?..

After lazing about all day rolling coins to take to the bank, reading newspapers, blogs, etc.. I finally headed out for a run to the park and then to yoga class in an actual yoga studio in Raleigh that my good friends Boo and daughter Emily like to go.  They had invited me to class with them and I'm so happy I went..everyone was at an experienced level so we practiced handstands, headstands, back bends, etc etc!  Got very acrobatic and it was lots of fun!  We were focusing on Anusara principles open-mindedness, inner body bright, and inner spiral.  It was lovely. 
Practicing falling over

into a full wheel

     Did I mention that one of the guys in yoga class tonight had a real tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol? Ya!  It looked pretty badass actually, so if you weren't a harry potter fanatic you might just think it was a nice tribal symbol or something.  

      After class I went to Trader Joes for a few things and got several.  Of course!  They have so many mango things at TJs I was thrilled as it was what I was cravin'.  They even had Mango Lassi! I think its new..It was right next to their kefir, as it is billed as "Indian style probiotic beverage"  Love Love.. The cashier and I had a heart 2 heart about mango since she noticed all my mango selections.  She told me a pretty lengthy story actually and I admit I had a hard time following b/c she was talking quite fast. 
Mango to the max!!!!
 I also got some delish Mochi ice cream since I had heard about it being at TJs on the web.  I just started liking mochi aka glutinous sweet rice goodness recently, as they had it on the fro yo bars out in California.
Natural purchase as Mochi is a new fav food of mine

Strawberry mochi icecream w/ green tea ice cream YUM
Mango lassi w/ more mango

     One of my goals for this last week of summer relaxation was to brush up on my world geography.  With a few quick searches I found several great Apps on the iPad and covered the whole world in about an hour in one App called TapQuiz World Map and plan on playing other ones tomorrow.  I really like knowing where countries are!  It just feels good, ya know, esp. when you listen to the news and hear about things happening places to at least know where the country is in relation to others.  While I was walking around the grocery store and waiting at traffic lights, I found myself naming countries on mental maps..can't wait to play more tomorrow!!  Angry Birds just doesn't compare..hah
Supa sweet geography quiz App

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