Friday, June 10, 2011

Southern California Fun

I fell in love w/ original tart & the really tasty, not just plain pretty, fruit at these establishments

 First order of business after we had gone to Old Navy so Allison could get a swimsuit was to begin what would be a 3 day fro-yo taste adventure!!   This place called Cherry On Top or something was all pink and white and trendy on the inside and was my first taste of LA style selfserve fro yo.  You get a lil sampler cup the same thing for dispensing ketchup into at a fastfood place and go crazy tasting until you actually get a real cup and start to get Serious with your selections.  haha.  the cups are huge!  I was in love at first biodegradable spoonful.
Ohmygosh these kelp air bladders were so fun for me to collect and subsequently pop!  Never seen anything like them..they looked like jewels washing up along the tide line and I must have gathered 3 dozen of them up and popped them.  Shira gently warned me not to pop open too many close to my face, as they have carbon monoxide inside.  Duly noted!

 Day 2:  The 3 of us went tide pooling!! Will have show-and-tell (picture style of course) lata.  But for now a full demo on yogurting!  yogurting (verb):  to self-serve yourself some delicious yogurt and smile all along the way.
         First, you ask for a sample cup and try out all the flavors that appeal to you and perhaps the ones you don't think you'll want in your final bowl..dunno that was my strategy.  So basically try every flavor of the 10ish ones available.
Here's that sample cuppie I was talkin about.  Non-commital stage of yogurting     
Mmm Plain Tart.  The perfect base for a yogurt bowl

Next, grab the giant cups for actually self-serve purchasing purposes and get your base flava.  Original tart if you're me.  Then, proceed to add all your other flavas and toppings if you want them.  MMMMhmm.  Then pay the nice man .39 cents per frozen amazing crazy delicious creamy tart ounce.  Then go outside and enjoy it while basking in the lovely California sunshine and feelin the cool Pacific ocean breeze!!
  [ Luckily this LA sensation has crept its way over to the East Coast so it is true that I and everyone else ova here can replicate this in the east coast humid humid heat..but yogurtlands was seriously the best (w/ the most creative and well executed flavors!) frozen yogurt that I've ever had in mah lyyyfe.  And the fruit was so sweet and fresh tasting in cali, even at froyo places (not just at farmers markets!).]

Finished bowl: Plain tart, pink Guava, Coconut, Pistachio, and Kona Coffee  

Must talk next about my visit w/ cousin Ilana, husband Ben & lil Griff in W Hollywood!

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