Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joy of cooking

Hello! i had a great trip to california which i will talk about soon! i am already enjoying being home again with the rents!
     I made an absolutely scrumptious dessert tonight-- CCK's cobbler bars with sour cherries and topped it with sweetened sour cream. mmmMmm good!  Unforch, I discovered that photos from my iPad do not turn out on my blog!  Ironically, blogging from my iPad has made my posts (particularly the pictures) look technologically-challenged.  Ah, well, this laptop is good for something and seems HUGE now!
For main course i made a " not to miss dish"..tempeh cutlets from the Student goVegan cookbook alongside some farmers market goodness..steamed bokchoy and mashed sweet potatoes. yep, a great supper fer sher. My mom is studying for the GRE, taking online college classes, and still working fulltime and my pop just had cataract surgery! so what better way to show my love than cook, cook it up! i am happy to be outta the kitchen now though and watch my new fav Modern Family and finish the last pages of The Windup Bird Chronicle!!
        Today i ordered my first pair of Rx sunglasses, as theyd be good to have in addition to my plain nikes for runnin in sunny afternoons but chiefly i got them in preparation for starting my graduate fieldwork in alaska later this summer..since i'll be above the arctic circle for a month when the sun will not set, these babies will be pretty crucial.

Oh and hey! I saw rachel mcadams, aka regina george from mean girls in the phoenix airport on sunday and was pretty sure, esp since she was with a police security man and all. The picture I took on y ipad is def not great but i am still like 95% sure it was her. She seemed real nice, i watched her from about 15 ft away for a good 5 minutes. no one else noticed her that i saw.

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