Tuesday, June 28, 2011


      A mid-afternoon thunderstorm is rolling in again, just like yesterday.  I love it..I'm sitting by the bay window in my house and with each rumble it kinda shakes the window and reverberates.  I like the feeling that something outside is happening (besides lots of people popsicles melting in the mid 90F heat).

      I've been back to Cup A Joe in pursuit of more beautiful cup&saucer lattes..gotta love that foam.

Cup A Joe (Hillsborough St, Raleigh) latte
 I went to Cup A on Friday night with Amelia and Rachel before we went to see a movie outside at the NC Museum of Art, part of their Movies on the Lawn series.  They were showing Morning Glories, which we all liked..it had Rachel McAdams (who I saw in the Phoenix airport), Diane Keaton (she's still at it!), and Harrison Ford (him too!).  And because I hadn't had enough of the whole viewing-a-movie-outside-on-a-huge-screen Dad and I went back the next night to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 1.  Part 2 comes out in a few weeks, will prob be the first movie I go to see in College Station w/ my new oceanography dept. pals!
Still reading Wild Sheep Chase
 I got to see my bff Stephen at Carrburritos last night before he went to a show @ the Cats Cradle.  I had the sweet potato burrito b/c A) its awesome and B). because when I was in California Allison told me I had to have one there in her honor before I left NC.   It was super good--and I really enjoyed their salsa verde and salsa fruta.  Hadn't been here in months.
Carrburritos papas burrito w/ their awesome flour chips

Grapefruit mexican soda, delish
      Sooo good to see Stephen (terrible to have to say goodbye again though!) and catch up a bit!!  But that's not all that was great about last night!  I just found out a few days ago that my friend Alex, who I started Yoga Club w/ and grooved to Enya w/ at UNCW, is working in Pittsboro this summer at a summer camp for kids w/ autism.  And he told me he had a surprise..and it turned out that my loooooong time childhood friend, Kendal, works there too--woah woah!  I was stoked to see her b/c we hadn't seen much of eachother at all since high school.  We met at church when we were tiny and were great friends all through high school.  She was my inspiration for joining the high school cross country team, which was the greatest thing eva.

Alex, me, and Kendal @ carrburritos
We had great food @ carrburritos then went to Open Eye cafe for coffee and more talk talk talk. :D 

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