Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good reads and ice cream purchases

 Ah Murakami, you amaze me.  I can't go a day without reading you! I returned Sputnik Sweetheart and The Wind-up Bird Chronicle and checked out after the quake and Wild Sheep Chase so I'm probably set for the rest of the month.  His work is, as one reviewer put it well, "dreamlike and compelling."  It's totally Japanese culture meets West meets Surreal.  Stephen recommended him to me and I'm so glad.
 Oh man! What's that I'm holding?  Something I won on kittee's blog months ago and hadn't redeemed!  It's Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss.  They're a real cool company.  Started from their kitchen, all that jazz.  I hadn't decided what flavor pint I'd like to have first..but realized that the end of June is coming up too fast and I had better decide whilst I'm near a Whole Foods!
Yaaaa! I chose the one with the best name..and its descripsh is "Exhilarating mint with dark chocolate flakes."
Gorgeous and frosty..oh and it's delicious too!

Goddess of yogurt
 Also in my whole foods haul today I got Liberte yogurt, it's unparalleled in the yogurt world as far as I've tasted..again, thanks to Stephen for encouraging me to get it.  They either just got it (in only 3 flavors) at WF or else they were always on the tip top shelf and I didn't see them the past few weeks (and of course I have trouble believing that!)
My stand-by fav
 Whole Soy & Co. makes some goood yogurt though.  It's definitely not like anything else or any other soy yogurt out there.  Very thick, tangy.  I had it often when I was babysitting for Jackson and now it makes me think of him!  I get a big container of it.

 And what's that lurking beside the sour cherries??  OOooh more ice cream.  Once I was in the ice cream aisle I just had to purchase another thing that grabbed my attention.  Will go perfect with some som tam.

In other news (moving on from the refrigerated and freezer sections of life)..I went to see Woody Allen's new movie, Midnight in Paris and I really liked it!  It had a ton of Paris in it!  Really really made a tribute to the city itself, and I think that having visited Paris myself and getting to recognize and recall the streets and sights like old friends was a large part of my enjoyment of this film.  Great theme though, too..about current generations always believing that the Golden Age is behind them.  Def recommend.

My brother is playing with the NC symphony in their lawn concert of Paul McCartney music later today so my fam and I are having a picnic out on the lawn.  I hope you're having yourself a lovely weekend as well and starting it off right..I am with some delish french press from Crema.  MMmmm

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