Monday, September 12, 2011


Just went downstairs for the Monday oceanography seminar. Today it was given by a biological oceanographer whose lab is right next to ours, and she studies Harmful Algal Blooms (aka red tides) on the Gulf coast. HABs are a more correct term b/c not all red tides are red. One of the collaborators of Dr. Campbell's research is a professor at UNC-W and so she mentioned my alma mater on like 3 slides, which made me smile and brag to the kids next to me, Thats my old school! Calling it my 'Alma mater' is just too adult.

I got my 1st analytical chem quiz back today and I did OK! This afternoon I went through it and found the answers to all the bits I missed, and re-learned how to calculate standard deviation on my graphing calculator. A new friend I was talking to at Revolutions the other night said that she would lend me all her Isotope geochemistry materials if I came by her I totally took her up and stopped by today! She gave me a textbook and all the powerpoint print-outs and sample problems, so I'm in a lot better shape for conquering that difficult class!

Now I'm headin over to the student rec center for a yoga class

I love going grocery shopping at Brazos Natural Foods and thought I'd share a gallery of pics I call, Whats in my Fridge? Lotta new-to-me products but many familiar favs

Lemon, black plums, and 2 lil pears.

Veggies on the Loose Celery & carrots; yukon, russet, new and sweet potatoes; a turnip, another lemon, and some radishes.

Not pictured: produce crisper on the left containing 2 gorgeous green leaf lettuce heads.

A carton of frozen yogurt made by Double Rainbow in San Francisco.

I got some almond milk yogurt I'm excited to try and a cool green yogurt kefir beverage with wheatgrass and kiwi! Oh and a kombucha..probiotics out the wazoo!

Flax seeds, chia seeds, and wheat germ in re-purposed glassware.

For the first time, I purchased and sprouted chia seeds and am def a fan! They just look cool! I've been aware of them for a couple years I think, but never had the urge to try them before I saw them next to the ground flax seeds I was out of. Chia is native to Mexico and S. America, and sprouts in just 15 minutes and look super cool on a spoon or in a jar, as a gelly nucleus forms around them, similar to a tomato seed. Chia seeds have good fatty acids and lotsa other benefits..but They don't really lend any taste, just a texture. Bob's Red Mill has lots of ideas for recipes with it, but for now I've just eaten a spoonful of it or had it on cereal.

Chia seeds are capable of making cool designs, which is why I'm a really a fan, as I have said, they have no taste really. I made some fun spirally designs today, buy yesterday was just sorta 'experimental.'


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