Monday, September 19, 2011

Chillage @ the Village

Man, the Village cafe in downtown bryan is sooo great!! The second i walk in there I'm so happy to be there. Lit just with soft natural lighting from the big windows, live music wafting from the far end of the restaurant.. and one girl complimented my hair and outfit and introduced herself (cool name, Eudelle!) and another employee introduced herself too.

I had brought a couple weeks-old issue of The New Yorker I picked up at the gym next door.

So Stoked to see that Haruki Murakami is a contributor to this issue!!! A fiction piece. Haven't finished it yet.

I really enjoyed reading and mulling over "How to be good," an article on moral philosophy centered around the life and ideas of Derek Parfit, a British philosopher.

I ordered the fruit and toast plate again cause its so so good! The homemade bread is crazy good, soft and thickly sliced, and the fan of granny smith apple slices just thrills me.

The live music was just what I was in the mood for on a lazy calm saturday..An original folk/feelgood rock singer guitarist named Chad Petty.

The tables in front of me soon filled with lunching maroon-wearing people who were almost certainly going to the football game. They came and went. I was so happy to just sit and read and accept kind refills of coffee.

Shout out to my friend Stephen, who loves pineapple (that was prevalent in that excellent fruit cup), who introduced me to Mr. Murakami, who can make deeeelishous anything he wants to, including homemade bread, who I wish could join me for chillage at the village, and who I think of wheneva I'm washing dishes at my kitchen sink.

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