Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'd rather be a sparrow than snail

Happy day.

It's def worth dragging myself out of bed to have time for a nice leisurely breakfast listening to Morning Edition.

I raided the chemical oceanography section of the library today--sorry classmates: I just took all the best ones. You can have Broecker's seminal work 'Tracers in the Sea,' but all the pertinent details are referenced in the ones I nabbed. The last problem in the assignment I'm working on is about making 1 Liter of artificial's a little difficult and I will be using Excel to show my work, but I've got all the ion tables I need for it now :)

Me @ my desk. Carrie just got a supa cute new panda tea set for the lab!

Fun w/ chia seeds continues on an adventurous dinner salad--green leaf lettuce, sauerkraut, flax seeds, onion, and kiwi wheatgrass kefir. Crisp, cool salads taste sooo good in this texas heat that continues on, unabated.

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