Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm feeling more capable every day! Granted, it took me a solid 5 hours today to correctly work out my first 4 radioisotope homework problems, but I'm gettin the hang of things! Time is definitely on my side--I can just sit at my lab office desk and devote myself to my schoolwork all day really! Which is what I'm going to need to do to keep up with the 2 subjects (analytical chem and isotope geochem) that I don't have as much background in as other students do.

I only know my way to 4 buildings on our massive campus, but they're the only ones I need to know--the Oceanography building(duh), library, the chemistry building, and the rec center. The office I get to share with Eric and Carrie is on the 9th floor of the oceanography bldg and thats where I get to hang out and study and share pots of coffee, tea(we blossomed some loose leaf green in a glass teapot today!), and eat/ toast/ microwave our lunches as we please. And ask for homework help!! Gosh I never woulda gotten those HW problems solved today if Carrie hadn't showed me how she was solving them! Carrie and one other new friend of mine, Fenix, are in the radioisotope class with me and we're the only ones! We actually telecast in to the class which is being taught (to a packed room of 4 guys) at TAMU-Galveston.

So anyhow, I'm loving the time I have at my disposal and am realizing that maybe I will actually survive! That was in question at this time last week..After I reach a stopping point in the early evening, I head over to the rec center for a nice workout. I have gotten my own locker at the rec center and a pass to any group classes (yoga, power yoga, pilates, cycling, salsa!) I want. This week though, I've been laughing and laughing as I watch episodes of Friends (its a nonstop marathon this week on Nick@nite!) on elliptical-esque machines. Its a very very busy rec center and you can see everything because of all the balconies and overall openness. Even the raquetball courts are made of clear walls. Ping pong, badminton, indoor soccer, and basketball are always going on. Oh and rock climbling! Thats very popular too. The 4.5 lap to the mile track loops around it all too, on the 3rd level. I just have been running or hopping on a machine, doing some situps and pushups, and hittin the shower. On my
list (after the friends marathon ends next week) are swimming and badminton, a lovely game in my opinion.

This a.m. I enjoyed a deelish! soymilk banana shake, fresh from my blender.


At school today I munched on a collard/apple/carrot/celery salad with my fav homemade dressing, lemon tahini, whilst taking a break from those fearsome radioactive decay problems. I make a concerted effort to really step back from the work I'm doing for at least a few mins every hour or so, pour a fresh cup of tea or whateva. Loving the genesis of routine!

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