Friday, September 16, 2011


Mom sent me a package!! waaaaay more fun than the Analytical Chem text I'd gotten the day before! Contents? A big bag of Choffy!

What? You don't know what Choffy is? It's chocolate (pure cacao really) that you prepare like french-press coffee!

I set it all out and went to sleep dreaming of how magical a brew it would be in the a.m.

Ma knows I love hot beverages (I drink like 5 cups of tea a day and usually a cup of coffee too) and adore my french press. I actually have 2--a little one and a big one. Mom also got me the pictured glass electric kettle, which has no plastic and thus no BPA.

Mom brought BPA awareness to my attn when I was about 14, when word was first getting out about it leaching from plastics into water when subject to heat. So glad! I distinctly remember the shift from our fam buying bottled water to using our new stainless steel Kleen Kanteens. Now BPA-free is en vogue and becoming ubiquitous in water bottles! but neglected in other areas where it matters a lot, like hot water kettles! Anyhow..I digress..I was talkin Choffy!

I brought water to boiling and then let it cool a sec before pouring 6 oz. over 2 T. of Choffy. I let it steep 5 mins. before pressin the press :) and pouring straight into my waiting sweet lil blue mug (which Dad got me at Crema!!).

It was a deeeelisous first sip!! Choffy has all the Xcellent qualities of lovingly-made french press coffee, all rich and aromatic with all the oils nicely incorporated. It is safe to say that I am a huge Choffy fan. 5 stars.

I made my brew this morning a hair stronger and it was even better. I found Navitas cacao nibs-- earlier this year and fell deeply in love, definitely my favorite form of chocolate, so bitter and buttery when you chew it up! Obviously, from that comment, I am not a person who is averse to bitter.  And I def. enjoyed eating the Choffy "grounds" later too! This is a perk over french-press coffee! hah So so good, not quite Navitas but still really good to eat for an intense chocolately taste-sation.  Oh, but even if you don't like bitter, like you don't enjoy black coffee, you'd still like Choffy w/ milk and sugar I am sure.

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