Tuesday, September 27, 2011


No, I wasn't trick or treating..
Last night, a crazy thunderstorm took place!  I was in the rec center locker room sending an email when I heard something to the effect of, "Attention all guests (that's what they call us, dunno why), a Red Alert Lightning Warning has issued, Everyone is advised to stay indoors and seek shelter from intense lightning in the area."  I was like Whoa.  Guess I'll postpone leaving!  Finally though, I had to head home and saw that it was lightening up a bit (that's kind of a weird double meaning sentence, as the rain had lessened but it there was still thunder and lightening occuring).  I double bagged my belongings (iPad, cell phone, small notebook, wallet, packet of tea) in plastic and then asked a roaming janitor if I could have a garbage bag for a makeshift poncho.  I was then ready to head out and dodged lightning all the way home (a bit dramatic, but I was kinda scared).  

Ever since Mom sent me Choffy, I've been really in the mood for chocolate.  Actually, I think the story is more like, since I got the raw cacao nibs-for-french press goodness, I remembered how good chocolate tastes and makes you feel?  Anyhow..in the last week I've been drinking it and going through lotsa cocoa powder and baker's chocolate! I've made chocolate tofu pie, dark chocolate brownies, chocolate & peanut butter (reeses!) oatmeal, chocolate milkshakes, and chocolate coconut flour cake. Ya, livin the life ova here. 


Enjoying chocolate tofu pie
I finally got creative and tried out the Vietnamese rice papers Stephen had given me back in like April? during his pantry cleanout (tons of free things from the Co-op) and made these deelish red bean buns!  I just kinda thought something up and it was so fun!  I pureed red kidney beans, silken tofu, and stevia for the filling and scooped a spoonful onto the soaked rice papers (10 second soak) and rolled them up..tossing in a hefty pinch of freshly toasted black and white sesame seeds inside and on top. 

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