Wednesday, September 14, 2011

xoxo cookie dough

When I went grocery shopping this week I picked up a bunch of ingredients for baking.

Fresh jar of artisana coconut butter lurking back there! And cocoa powder, semisweet chocolate chunks, vanilla extract, and Vietnamese (really strong!) cinnamon.

I got some exciting new flours, including coconut which I'm most stoked about. I've already made a dessert pizza with it and it was supa tasty!
Cookies! Oat flour and chocolate chip. I Haven't gotten a cookie sheet yet so I my big cast iron skillet acted as a sheet surrogate.

I only baked one skillet-full and ate the rest of the dough by itself, to jazz up my cereal! I didn't use any eggs, no worries.

Sloths really like cookie dough on their rice krispies too.

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  1. this is SUCH a good idea! i'm literally so tempted to go make cookies on the stove right now because i know that i can...even though i have a perfectly functional oven and loads of cookie sheets. true genius.