Sunday, September 4, 2011

hip hip for weekends

Wanted to update that Slumber Saturday was a raging success..Totally great Mental Health day..i watched lots of movies, but the 2 that held my attention most were both documentaries. The weren't extremely compelling or anything, but I liked them all the was on 6 very different people training for the Chicago marathon, and another was on the font known to type designers as Helvetica. The rest of us just see it and absorb it everywhere and its just like air. I read an interesting article about secularism lending to a Be Here Now type of mindset but overall I didn't get into this particular issue (Aug 15) of the New Yorker as much as the last one I picked up (June 13) and read every bit of. I feel so much more relaxed today.

I woke up so refreshed today and headed out to pick up my friend Cara for a coffee date! Its her last day here in the US, as she finished her meteorology intern project very successfully and is flying back to Germany tomorrow. I know I'm going to miss her but so happy I have had a friend to have a bunch of first experiences with: the student rec center Olympic pool, the restaurant/shopping district known as Northgate, the great great city of Austin! and The Village cafe in downtown Bryan--which we went back to today of course! I enjoyed a divine plate of toast and fruit and a hot mocha w/ dark chocolate, vanilla, and honey. Cara loves the frsh squeezed OJ. It was so good to catch up.

Speaking of catching up..

I didn't do as I thought I would and call friends and fam yesterday! I didn't feel like thinking or talking about myself or Alaska at all! But I hope to get a few calls out today and this week ;). It's so so good call people but lately I feel like it will be hard to do so when there's so much to catch up on and so many changes I'm going through and things to do! But I consistently forget that it never is difficult like I think it will be.

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