Saturday, September 3, 2011

Drivin on the Kenai Peninsula

    On Monday morning, after seeeing a pod of humpbacks!!! on the water-taxi, John left me at a loading ramp with our 1,000ish pounds of equipment while he went to rent a UHaul.  Karl the water-taxi captain had been rather overwhelmed upon seeing all our gear, but he relaxed as we drove across the bay and shut off the boat so that we could all take in the whale sighting just to the sound of the whales' breathing--bliss
   After loading the UHaul truck, we peaced out of Homer and headed up the Kenai Peninsula for Anchorage, a straight shot on the Alaska Hwy.  To say that it was a stunning drive is an understatement.  And I saw my first moose!!  He was just chillin facing the road, I saw him and called out, MOOOOOOSE!  and startled John, who was at the wheel.  It was my first time in a UHaul.  
    That night we met up with our fellow scientists and went out to the Glacier Brewhouse for last night end-of-fieldwork revelry!  I gotta say that the scientists I've been with have a hard time not talking about science even when they're relaxing!  I mentioned this to Natasha during dinner and she agreed.  Good time any way. I enjoyed the excellent on-tap IPA, salad, and mushroom pizza.  I had a real hankering for mushrooms while in Alaska.  Adina, the chief scientist, ordered a  hot Kahlua coffee for dessert and I totally followed suit. 

     Here's some pictures from the drive!


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