Sunday, September 11, 2011

gr8 wknd

Ah, the weekend. I now live for the weekend! I didn't feel the need to do any homework yesterday and don't plan to do any today either! Plenty of time during the week. I am continuing to catch up with friends in NC that I haven't talked to in foreva and am just reading, and listening to music in my lovely Apt.

This a.m. I simmered some irish oats for a deelish breakfast with a black plum and pb&j toast

And I enjoyed some locally-roasted Kona beans, french-pressed

I kicked off the weekend on friday by going to a goofy Cardio Happy Hour class at the rec center..I tell ya I may have a good capacity for cardio workouts but I am pretty lacking on coordination skills! The instructor used a Bosu for Step aerobics-type moves and I wasnt so good at getting the motions right, but definitely did better by the end of the class. The main problem with the class was that the girls in it were just too serious! No laughing or chatter or anything. I was definitely laughing at myself and smiling because I was so happy to be jumping around, out of the office, caught up with homework and all and having taken my first quiz in the a.m.!

On friday afternoon I also popped over to the library to check out a free read! 'after dark' by Haruki Murakami. It is a story that is woven together from different perspectives in the course of a single night. I woke up saturday a.m. and couldn't wait to dive in. I also listened to the podcast of Science Friday from the day before.

I went out for frozen yogurt with Carrie and Eric in the afternoon. Carrie left today for San Francisco, as she's going on the big R/V Atlantis cruise from SF to San Diego with John's colleague, Dave. I was going to go, but we realized I would be much better off starting classes with the rest of the new grad students this fall rather than heading out for more pre-studies field work. Carrie loves cruises and she's super stoked. Anyhow, we went to a place called Red Mango, which was new to me. Review: though their flava selection was on the small side (half a dozen), the quality of the mango, blueberry, and dark chocolate flavors really Wowed me. The dark chocolate tasted like a really really good Wendys frosty.

Last night I went out to the Revolution cafe&bar in Bryan where Eric had told me several 'ocean kids' would be meeting up at. It was really hip! and a dozen oceanography majors, some that I had met in july and some I just met in class this week, were there. So so nice to get to hangout in the courtyard strung with lights and listen to live music(singer/guitarist and back up guitarist) that started up around 10:30. I got the house sangria that someone recommended to me, and it was very good-strong and sweet.

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